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KF94 Style Mask - Orange (10 piece pack)

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The unique shape keeps the mask away from your mouth making it easy to breathe and have a conversation with customers, colleagues and friends. Our KF94 style mask has a wire nose clip for a secure fit around the bridge of your nose. Our 3D shape allows the mask to sit comfortably under the chin. 

The mask provides excellent protection when securely fitted on your face. Your glasses will not fog up!  We have included toggles with the masks if you need a tighter fit.

Specification of our KF94 style Mask

What does this mean? Our 4 layer mask has been tested against and meets the Chinese equivalent testing standard for KN95 masks. Why not a KF94 testing standard? Simply only Korea has this testing standard for KF94.  We import these masks direct from the manufacturer in China and have been provided with all the relevant certification documentation. We strive to provide you with quality personal protection (PPE).

Chinese Equivalent Testing Standard : GB2626-2019

Material : 65% Non-woven fabric , 35% melt-blown fabric
PFE: ≥ 95%

1st Layer: SS grade 50g non-woven fabric (outer layer)
2nd Layer: 99 grade 25 grams of melt blown cloth
3rd Layer: 99 grade 25 grams of melt blown cloth
4th Layer: SS grade 30g non-woven fabric (inner layer)

Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacture date

Mask Dimensions

Adults: 20cm width x 8cm high x 7cm elastic ear loop
Kids: 16.5cm x 7cm high x 6cm elastic ear loop

How to put on your KF94 style Mask

how to put on your KF94 Mask

Handy Tips:

Tie a knot at the end for a tighter fit
Twist the ear loops in a figure of 8. This does not cause gaps in the mask.

Can the mask be washed?

Washing can reduce the static charge. Current advice as of February 2022 is to leave them to air out between wears (3 days) and rotate with other masks.  If in a covid-19 close contact area, dispose immediately after wear.

For more information please visit the Covid-19 Website

Colour of product

Whilst we have done our absolute best to represent the colour for you, please note these will look different between various screens and devices.

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