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67. Pink Zebra Crochet Hat

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This year our hats are on preorder only with one cut off date and one delivery date. 

  • Preorder Cut off has been extended to Sunday 10th May
  • Delivery is mid June 2020 approx. You will receive an email closer to the time with your delivery date. Please we are unable to control delays in shipping due to the crazy busy time shipping companies are having with all the online orders.


    Our 100% Cotton Crochet Kids Hats are very soft, warm and itch free.

    Cotton is the perfect yarn to use as it allows the head to breathe. No sweaty heads in our hats, and they are suitable for all climates! 

    Our 2 Little Monkey crochet winter hats have a label sewn on the inside with a space to write the child’s name. Perfect to take to daycare or school!

    2 Little Monkeys Size Guide

    Sizing may vary slightly between each individual hat as they are handmade by our team of professionals.

    Will the small hat fit a newborn? 
    The hats are recommended and sized for 0-5 months. We find an average size baby will fit the hat from around 2-3 months onward.
    Babies must be supervised whilst wearing the hats and are not suitable for sleeping in.

    My child is over 2 years and has an above average head and/or lots of hair, what size should I choose?
    We recommend going up a size and choosing XL.

    My child has just turned 3 and has a smaller than average head, what size hat should I choose?
    We recommend choosing L.

    Will a small to average 8-9 year old  still fit an XL?
    Yes, most likely.

    Do the hats have give in them?
    Being crochet yes they do, and snug is best. The hats do keep their shape well, provided you follow care instructions on label.

    Size Chart
    Most children will fit the size relating to their age.
    The head circumference measurement is only very approximate. This is simply a rough guideline if you are unsure.

    Size Age Head Circumference
    Small (S) 0 - 5 months       44 cm             
    Medium (M) 6 - 12 months 48 cm
    Large (L) 1- 2 years 52 cm
    X Large (XL) 3 - 7 years 54 cm 
    XX Large (XXL) 8 years - Adult   58 cm

    Useful Information

    Washing Instructions
    We recommend spot clean or cool hand wash only. Do not tumble dry. Please refer to care instructions sewn into hat for further information.

    Hats are designed for indoor play and outdoor use.
    Hats are not designed to sleep in (sorry it may be hard to get the hat off before bed time!). The ties on the hats can simply be unlooped from the ear flaps should you wish to remove.

    Image Colour
    We aim to ensure we represent an accurate colour of the hat, however the colours may vary slightly between different monitors and screens.

    Character Hats
    Kids love to dress up as their favourite characters and we have put ideas together to create our own style in the form of a crochet hat. These are not in anyway official products and are our own interpretation for kids enjoyment.

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