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Race Car Summer Bucket Hat

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Race Car. "Vroom vroom fast race car! Shiny Red Body can be seen from afar!. Zooming around the smooth race track, we’ll be waving the flag when you come back!"

Our own 2 Little Monkeys Children's Summer Bucket Hats have been designed especially for the active baby, toddler, preschool and primary school child with 4 different sizes from 9 months to 8yrs +.

We have 12 fun bright patterns to appeal to the kids so they actually WANT to wear them! 

Our unique design covers everything you are looking for in a summer hat:

  • Quick drying Polyester outer with a cool dense red Cotton Twill lining to significantly reduce UV exposure.
  • Our Cotton lining helps to keep your child's head sweat free
  • NEW! Detachable red  strap (strap is threaded through a loop inside and fastened with a dome) with an clear toggle to ensure a snug fit
  • NEW! Adjustable cord around the head to ensure perfect fit especially when worn without chin strap
  • Deep Crown, Wide Reinforced 7cm Brim to meet the NZ Cancer Society recommended guidelines for safety in the sun
  • Label to write the child's name
  • Available in sizes Small 50cm (9-18mths), Medium 52cm (18mths-3yrs), Large 54cm (3yrs-5 years), X Large 56cm (5yrs-8yrs+).

Please use the chart below to help choose the best size. The age is a guideline to help select the correct size. These sizes are based on the average head circumference for a child of that age.

Age Guide

Child’s Head Circumference Measurement

Size to Choose

9mths - 18mths

46 to 50cm

Small (50cm)

18mths - 3yrs

48cm to 52cm

Medium (52cm)

3yrs - 5yrs

50cm to 54cm

Large (54cm)

5yrs - 8yrs +

52cm to 56cm

X Large (56cm)

  1.  Use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your child’s head about 1cm above the eyebrows. Make sure the tape is at the same height all around your head when measuring.

  2. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, use a string in the same way as indicated above to measure the head. Then lay the string straight and measure with a ruler.

UPF Information

Fabrics are made of tiny fibers woven or knitted together. Under a microscope, we can see lots of spaces between the fibers; UV can pass directly through these holes to reach the skin. The tighter the knit or weave, the smaller the holes and the less UV can get through.

Our Cotton Twill Lining is an example of a tightly woven fabric. Our dark coloured lining helps to absorb the UV Rays significantly reducing exposure.

Our Hats have a quick drying Polyester Outer. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, are more protective than other fabrics.

Print Information

Size and placement of pattern will vary slightly to illustration shown.

Whilst we have done our absolute best to represent the colours for you, please note these will look different between various screens and devices.